TDD Patterns

January 28, 2009

Here are a few tips that I use myself to help keep myself on track, Like the other TDD related notes, I’ll keep these updated as time goes by.

It is often easy to get overwhelmed by a task & lose sight of what you as supposed to be testing and how to go about it, below are some pointers/patterns to help you run through the TDD process.

One Step Test
Each test should represent 1 step towards our overall goal.
If a test can not be found to do this, create one.

Starter Test
What test do we start with? Pick up a test that will teach you something about the system & will be quick to get working.
The One Step Test plays a hand in this, after realising the starter test it becomes easier to realise other test cases.

Learning Test
Use tests to help yourself learn about a particular architecture, by testing a library/framework you can find yourself becoming quite accustomed to it uses, not to mention checking that the API works as you expected.

Another Test
If a new idea is realised, write a test for it, its easy to get taken off of track so by writing down new tests. We retain the ideas but keep on with our present task at hand.

Regression Test
When a defect is reported the first things we do is, write the smallest possible test that will fail, once run will be repaired.
Gives the client a concrete way of explaining what is wrong and what they expect.
On a small scale regression testing can help you to improve your testing.

Having a problem realising a solution or implementing a test, take a break, take a walk, get a drink, have a rest. Anything to allow you to momentarily detach yourself from the problem at hand. This normally alleviates the issue of hitting a brick wall. Generally the more fatigued the worse judgement calls, spiralling into worse your decisions and the issues that arise because of it.


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