Salad, adding cucumber

October 9, 2009

Well I was hoping to get this post published a month or so ago but better late than never.

As some of you may know, I’ve taken some time to learn Ruby & Rails over the past few months and have been using RSpec & Cucumber quite a bit to roll out new functionality.

It soon came to my attention that though Cucumber is a wonderful tool it would be nice to be able to manage scenarios and stories a lot easier and give stack holders a front-end to which they can get a view of what features are to be implemented and how what steps are required to complete a story.

This is where Salad was born, inspired by my latest blog series ‘Jumping on the Rails‘ I decided to make a small rails app that allows users to import and create features for a specific project.

My aim is to integrate the functionality of cucumber along with the other major project management tool (BaseCamp, LightHouse, etc) giving stakeholders and developers alike an easy way to manage, prioritise and understand the stories needed to complete a given scenario.


  • Create project features
  • Upload project features
  • Manage features, stories & steps
  • Link stories to a project
  • Link steps to a story

Future Features

  • Sychronise feature, stories & steps
  • Link a feature to a milestone
  • Estimate feature implementation

Over the next few weeks I’ll hopefully have time to improve the general layout of the application, making it more visually pleasing but for the moment it has all the basic functionality necessary to manage your projects new & present features.

Salad can be found here and is easy to install, as outlined below.


  1. Download from here.
  2. cd to the applications directory
  3. Run script/server
  4. Point your browser to http://localhost:3000/projects
  5. Enjoy

Comments and contributions are more than welcome, my main goal is to provide a simple application that can help bridge the gap between stakeholders and developers.


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