My latest project – CVMe

December 21, 2010

Well its been a good little while since I’ve written anything here for a number of reason.

Well I’m out of the cave I spent the last year of so in a thought it was time to write about my latest project CVMe.

What is CVMe?
I wanted an application that made it easy for me to add content to my CV and allow me to export it just as easily. As things progressed I noticed that I was getting unexpected benefits from the system such as being able to identify the skills I use most often and what roles I work in the most. This lead me to creating the dashboard area of the application. This area provides users with profile summary information and notification to help guide the user through the process of building up their profile.

I use CVMe to centralise my CV and allow me get a up to date copy of it quick and easily. The application has a alerts system that alerts me when an entry type has not been updated period of time (a period which can be defined by myself). There is also a notification system that can be customised and which displays notifications on the dashboard if the application thinks I should update a specific entry type. This helps to indicate to the user when there profile is at a stage where it can be exported as there is no point in exporting a CV with just personal details.

Why create CVMe?
In my profession I have to keep my CV up to date. This has proven to be somewhat of a chore for a number of reasons the main reason being that I tend to forget to update my CV unless I really need to. Which generally ends up in me scratching my head and trying to remember what the hell I actually did when I was at X or doing Y.

Where is it now?
There is the web application which is a the main online application which stores your information online and in the near future will allow people to retrieve their profile via a third party plugin. The other version is open source and can be download and used for personal and non-profit use.


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