I’ve been hacking/coding on and off since I was 8 (learnt BASIC from books & hacking examples), I got heavily into programming by the age of 13 (1992) from which I taught myself a number of languages & studied ways of improving my skills. By 1995 I started to programming C in procedural tinkering with ideas & tools I needed at the time. From 1999 I was programming PERL (helping InterFACE with there chat-engine) whilst getting to grips with C++/OOP and Linux, after getting fed up with RPM’s I started to compile my own LiveCD’s (thanks LFS).

Since 2004 I’ve focused on developing back-end online systems using OOP/TDD, as I love the Internet as much as I love solving puzzles (programming solutions), working in such an environment is like a kid in a sweet factory (personally the imagery is better than that of a kid in a store;)).

When relaxing I’m normally chilling out to some music or watching a film, failing that I’ll be found reading a tech book or playing with some kind of gadget. Though I have a strong hunger for learning and self improvement, life wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t socialise with mates or on get PlayStation finger ;).


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