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October 20, 2008

Well for a while I’ve been affected by the TDD bug, initially as I hate debugging, I also liked the notion of being able to catch errors before they arise.

I quickly noticed a lack of information on the practice within PHP (as that’s the main language I code with at work). So I decided a while ago to put my notes together, that soon turned into a couple of documents which will now be transformed into articles focused primarily on the subject.

Im far from an expert on anything but feel the need to share this information with all, as it matures. Hopefully after a few months there should be a nice little collection of articles concentrating on the subject.

I’m trying my best to as objective as possible but also understand that I’m a pragmatist some of the time and a passionate hypocrite the rest of the time, so some of what I write may be biases (one always knows best), I’ll rectify anything I later find to be false or am enlighten to a better way.